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QUEMAO Class is Back!

¡Vuelve el QUEMAO Class!

Yesterday, October 18, the 7th edition of the Billabong QUEMAO Class was officially presented, an event that is positioned as an international benchmark.

The BILLABONG QUEMAO CLASS is an invitational Surf and Bodyboard event that does not have the rigidity of a competition calendar with set dates, an event that only starts when the best wave conditions are there to ensure a good show.


 In the photo the Catalan Hugo Ortega during the last edition

We'll have to wait for a good swell from the West and winds from the East for the Quemao wave to break properly, often compared to the mythical Pipeline for its power, hollow tubes and dangerous bottom. The organization of the event is prepared and has updated the waiting period to orange alert.

A format of 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders selected by the organization that will be measured in the big waves of QUEMAO, La Santa, in the municipality of Tinajo, Lanzarote.