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Shipstern's Paddle - No Tow

Shipstern's Bluff a remo

Well Covid in Australia has taken a back seat right now and everyone in this country wants to travel. But chasing a swell down to Shipstern's Bluff Tasmania on Easter Friday wasn't something i was planning on but it had to happen.

Easter Saturday was the day and it didn't disappoint. 8 to 12 foot Shippies with the swell coming from the perfect direction made it a day for some amazing paddle action.

At the start jet-skis waited out the back for that crazy tow bomb but on the inside the best in the business both in standup & bodyboard were hucking themselves over the edge for some epic paddle rides.

Filmmaker Tim Bonython was there to showcase the best of this session:

Nathan Florence
Kipp Caddy
Russell Bierke
Mikey Brennan
Marti Paradisis
Harry Steele
Alex Hayes
Matt Dunsmore
Noah Hassett
Alex Hayes
Kelly Nordstrom

Charles Ward
Sam Thomas
Dane Woods
Shane Ackerman
Harley Ward