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Natxo González champion in the Quemao Class '21

Natxo González campeón en el Quemao Class '21

Natxo González wins the 2021 Quemao Class. In the surf final, the Basque Natxo González, the Frenchman Marc Lacomare, Tim Elter, from Fuerteventura and Hugo Ortega, Barcelona.

After a very close final and with incredible performances, the Basque surfer Natxo González won an epic victory, obtaining two waves of 10. Not only did he win, he also got the RVCA Best Wave for the best surfing wave of the entire event.

Marc Lacomere, second classified, also highlighted the incredible wave conditions, the great opportunity to compete in Lanzarote and that he ends up very happy with his results.

Third place went to Tim Elter, the surfer from Fuerteventura. He was commenting that he felt surprised and honored by the invitation. He also added that “the event was incredible, with great waves and a spectacular level.”
In fourth place, Hugo Ortega , from Barcelona . This was his first time competing in the Quemao Class and he leaves with very good feelings, having enjoyed this incredible wave and wanting to repeat it.