Water Project in Tenerife

Proyecto Agua en Tenerife

Through the NGO PROEMAID  we have had the opportunity to collaborate in the "Water Project", a project with the aim of achieving reconciliation with the sea for migrants who do not know how to swim and have suffered traumatic experiences with the sea, arrived in the Canary Islands.

Through basic swimming exercises, games and physical activity we seek that these people learn to enjoy and function safely in the aquatic environment. At the same time we managed to abstract them from their harsh reality for a few hours.


The sum of all these benefits is a fundamental tool in its integration.


All this is possible thanks to the work of volunteers from Proemaid, the Bajamar City Council and the NGO Accem. 

If you are interested in collaborating with the project, you can consult the website of 
PROEMAID or make a small donation to your account: