Medina wins at Trestles. Brazil dominates the CT

Medina vence en Trestles. Brasil domina el CT

Gabriel Medina won a new world title yesterday in the grand final played in California, and the Brazilians took over the show of the championship. Medina won both sets of the final (to three) against Filipe Toledo, who had previously beaten Ítalo Ferreira, thus, the three best Brazilians. Carissa Moore won in the female category, second was T. Weston Webb and third was Sally Fitzgibbons.

If the WSL decides to continue celebrating the world final with this format and in this same spot, I think we will have Brazilian world champions for a while. The call was good, the wave gave the best it could offer, it opens both sides with similar possibilities... but it doesn't open tubes and it is very predictable. It is a soft wave, excellent for experts in aerial acrobatics, and little else. And it was seen in the women's category that in the absence of good barrels, which could have given spectacularity, women's surfing is far from men's.

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