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The B side of surfing in Bali

La cara B del surf en Bali
To speak about Bali (Indonesia) is to speak of a paradise for surfing. For a surfer, their paradisiacal beaches and perfect waves are more typical of fantasy than reality. But there is something that makes it earthly: the problem with garbage. A problem that is not new, but now that tourism is returning to the island after the pandemic, it comes to light again with a video that has gone viral. "Surviving in Bali turned into human garbage" they have titled it.

This is a clip recorded last week. The subject is a surfer who was doing a surf class on Batu Bolong beach and ended up trapped in waves of garbage. When he tried to reach the shore, he fell back into the waves and the garbage, which covered much of his body.

Bali's A-side


If we talk about this being the B-side of surfing in Bali, it is because there is an A-side. An A-side that can often be seen on social media like the ones regularly posted on the Surfers of Bali YouTube channel. Also in Batu Bolong. Like this one, recorded less than a month ago on the same beach. With low tide, small but long waves and a more than fun session for surfing lovers who enjoyed it.