Kelly Slater against vaccination

Kelly Slater en contra de la vacunación

It was about a year ago that Kelly Slater went so far as to claim that she knew a lot more "about being healthy than 99% of the doctors." The 11-time world surfing champion did so when talking about vaccines and also stating that "most of my opinions regarding Covid come from medical friends, many of whom disagree with official 'science'." And from his personal experience:

"I have several friends who have had a very bad reaction to vaccines. Some have literally died. Many doctors are saying it but it does not reach you because of the network and media algorithm. It is crazy that people do not believe that we are born with our bodies' ability to adapt and prepare for different health problems."

This summer, when the United States denied Novak Djokovic entry to play the US Open, Kelly Slater returned to the attack, with more outspoken statements:

"Is the US really doing this anymore? Nole, you deserve better. Or maybe you can walk into the country on foot through the southern border. It's ridiculous."

 Or in other words, he took advantage of the message about vaccines to also criticize his government's immigration policy.


Now, Kelly Slater has posted again on the subject. In a story with an appearance by the Dutch deputy Rob Roos in the special commission on the Covid-19 pandemic in the European Parliament:

"I could talk a lot about the hypocrisy and lies of the media and politicians, but I'll just leave this video here. The number of people who have been ridiculed and canceled for responsibly and reasonably questioning the use of a drug untested and untested is amazing. Families and friendships were torn apart and some careers cost. Sad to see. And yet, one way or another, these policies continue to be supported."

The intervention is as follows:

As you can see in the video, Rob Roos asks if the Pfizer vaccine was shown to stop the transmission of the virus before it was marketed, asking for a clear yes or no answer. And the answer is no. Thus, he takes advantage of it to say that "millions of people were deceived.

On the other hand, it can be said that Instagram has reviewed and qualified the video as "false information". And that judging by his travels, Kelly Slater has been vaccinated, since it was mandatory to enter Australia and there he was competing in the World Surf League.