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"Horizon" by Fernando Pessoa

O sea before us, your fears
They had coral and beaches and groves.
The night was clear and the closure,
The past storms and the mystery,
The Distant opened in flower , and the sidereal South
Shined on the ships of initiation.
Severe line of distant coast
when the ship approaches, the coast rises
in trees, where the Far had nothing;
Closer, the earth opens in sounds and colors:
and , at the landing, there are birds, flowers,
where there was only, in the distance, an abstract line.
The dream is to see the invisible forms
From the imprecise distance, and with sensible
Movements of hope and will,
Search the cold line of the horizon
The tree, the beach, the flower, bird, fountain
The deserved kisses of Truth.

Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet. Lisbon 1888 - Lisbon 1935