JJ Florence wins the HIC Pipe Pro

Victoria de JJ Florence en el HIC Pipe Pro

Under shooting conditions, from six to eight feet, John John Florence se has led the victory in the HIC Pipe Pro . Living up to his reputation as today's best Pipe surfer managed to hold off the next generation Pipe surfer, Barron Mamiya, who finished in the runner-up position, his brother, Ivan Florence, who finished third, as well as Kainehe Hunt in fourth.

The Semifinals saw the Florence brothers take on standout Kalani David , alongside with the extraordinary Eli Hanneman . A slow start gave way to fireworks artificials from the two-time World Champion as the heat progressed, earning an excellent 8.60 before immediately falling back under priority with a 7.60 to put the field in a mixed situation. Young Florence, who needed a 2.74 , locked himself in a Pipeline gem and resurfaced with the regurgitation of the wave for a series-best 8.83.

"It feels so amazing to win this event, especially after Haliewa as well," said Florence. "Coming into this event, I was actually a little nervous. There are a lot of really good surfers in this event. But it was fun to get back into the groove and compete here again and prepare for what's to come in the next few months. I was really excited, it was a great final. And winning like that is always so much fun. At the last second, everything was preparing for those last few seconds.”

In the next semi-final, Hawaii's rising star, Barron Mamiya, took the victory in the heat, while the buzzer of Kainehe Hunt on a deep Pipeline gem pushed the 20-year-old to his first final on the famous reef break. The pair bested Brodi Sale ya MaiKai Burdine de 16 years old . With this result, Mamiya and Hunt are locked in a Challenger Series next season.

The highlight of the day came in the Quarters when Ivan Florence locked in an absolute dream wave at Pipe, coming from the depths of a massive curtain with brother John John cheering him on, the judges gave him a Perfect 10 for effort.

Probably the most fun I've had at Pipeline in a long time, just being out there with my brother," Florence said. "Being out there against him is really cool, it's so exciting, I'm lovin 'it. It is fun. Just getting through all the heats and stuff, he's so sick. Surfing Pipe with no one outside, it's amazing, it's the best thing you can do "

But from start to finish, it was the days of John John, as his form was unrivaled from the first moto, where he posted a near-perfect heat total of 18.83 and began his flawless finals run, until the final. Without losing a single heat throughout the event, this marks Florence's 10th North Shore victory in all competitions, beating the late 3X WSL Champion Andy Irons.

Florence will now set her sights on her 2022 Championship Tour debut, which will take place at Pipe this January. After wins at Haleiwa and now at Pipe, could she be too away a third world title?