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Andromeda Unchained Collection

Colección Andromeda Unchained

We present our first surf fashion collection inspired by the myth of Andromeda, we have adapted our vision of the myth and bring you this stellar collection breaking molds and stereotypes.

"From our personal and empirical experience, especially in our surf sessions, women are always very present. Of our many friends, the most daring, adventurous, thrown forward and those who have left their comfort zone have always been women."

We wanted to break the established stereotypes, to return the prominence to the adventurous, strong, self-confident woman capable of everything she sets out to do, and we decided to do it starting from the beginning, the myths.

The ancient myths of general culture have always presented women as weak characters waiting to be rescued by the hero of the day, this obsolete and fictional vision of today's reality cried out to be updated.

We decided to choose a particular myth, Andromeda who was freed from the clutches of a sea monster by Perseus. From Amarra2 we have given a new approach to the facts and decided to capture them in our designs, this Andromeda managed to free herself from the chains and take advantage of the waves generated by the sea monster to catch a big wave.

"What we want to vindicate is the power and vibe of the girls who today are surfing, skating or ripping like there is no tomorrow, both at a professional and amateur level, equaling or surpassing their male counterparts in terms of technique and style are concerned."


 We Are Chained 2 the Sea.