Amarra2 Collection

Amarra2 X Norteone Collection

Colección Amarra2 X Norteone

The fact of collaborating with renowned local artists with a characteristic imagery and style, as well as a certain apathy towards the sea, is etched in our statutes.

We decided on Norteone, a well-known tattoo & graffiti artist from Girona. We told him about the idea of ​​a cooperation in our new spring collection and he was enthusiastic about the project.

Norteone's style is characterized by thick lines, an innate ability to combine bright colors and an old school tattoo style as well as "cartoon" in most of his works.



We wanted to find a common vision when it comes to surfing. We find it in the designs of the leading brands of the 90s (Gotcha, Quiksilver, T&C designs, Steve Nazar and his Da boys...), since we are both from the 80s generation and the influences are very similar.


The result has been a collection made up of 6 pieces of clothing, each with a unique, original and thug design. We hope with all our hearts that it is to your liking, we have put all our effort and dedication into it.