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Amarra2 Nazaré Trip

Amarra2 Nazaré Trip

We started on Friday the 10th with a yellow alert, it was a long pending trip. Nazaré, one of the best-known big wave spots in the world, was ready for one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Tudor Nazaré Tow in Challenge at the hands of of the WSL.

We arrived in Lisbon on Saturday night, after picking up our rental car we traveled 122 km along the A8 motorway heading north, towards the event.

Upon arrival, a pleasant Christmas atmosphere was palpable in the municipality, a tranquility in contrast to its violent coasts.

We stayed at Ricky guest house hosted by Ricky, a local character with a "kitsch" style of the most peculiar in terms of decoration...

After a well-deserved rest, and a few Hail Marys, we got up early at 6 am following the instructions of our host, to avoid being left out of the event due to COVID restrictions.

A coffee at core fusion temperature and some pastries in the Doces Desejos confectionery set us off at once.

After our short but intense pilgrimage, we finally arrived at the fort of San Miguel Arcángel and its famous lighthouse.

The fog present throughout the morning caused the event to be suspended due to poor visibility, causing our wait to last another day. That allowed us to enjoy the picturesque municipality of Nazaré that same afternoon.

After enjoying a walk through the streets of Nazaré and lying down for a while on the beach, it was time for dinner and how could it be otherwise, in our minds there was only one possible option, fish.

Ricky recommended the restaurant Sítio dos Petiscos, located in front of the cliff on the southern slope. Our contact may not have good taste when it comes to decorating, but he gave us very good recommendations throughout our stay at the villa.

Top quality fish at a good price and with a very pleasant atmosphere, frequented by local surfers, absolutely recommendable and with good views...

And so the big day arrived, Monday the 13th. We prayed all night for a fog-free morning, and it did.

The call to the event was at 8:30 a.m., half an hour before there were already pros in the water. Very good conditions, glassy, ​​with a favorable moderate wind and without a hint of fog.

You have to witness the magnitude of these waves at least once in your life, mountains of water impacted under the cliff, when breaking, the waves caused a great noise, as if it were an explosion. The water projected by the collision plus the sunlight allowed for a brief glimpse of a rainbow, causing your mind to freeze momentarily.

Maximum respect for all athletes and professionals in the competition. You have to have a good pair to face Nazaré. The morning was advancing and it was beginning to feel that it would be an event worth remembering. The jet sky incident of Lucas Chianca and Kay Lenny was experienced very intensely among the public, the bomb that was caught Rodrigo Koxa did not leave anyone indifferent, the floater that was marked ​​Pierre Rollet teamed up with Justine Dupont was absolutely insane, Pedro Scooby's tube over the buzzer was legendary and Lucas Chianca's 360 followed by a backdoor tube It was already the icing on the cake. Here the video of the highlights, there are no words...

An unforgettable day without a doubt, we finished the afternoon with a good nacho in one of the food trucks of the event, enjoying the good weather and the views thought to myself too many emotions in a single day ...

Obrigadão Nazaré! Totea to next...